7 Things I Dont Like About Ally Bank

Ally is a great online bank. It offers you an easy to use app and online platform, free checking and savings, and great savings rates. But there are a few things that could be improved in my opinion.

The app is pretty easy to use but there are some things I dont like about it. If you want to get instant push notifications about transactions you have to download a second app the goes with the first main bank app. This second app let’s you set push notification settings and control your debit card. I dont really understand why these settings are in a separate app. I think it would be better for it to be all in the main app for the bank.

Ally does not have a widget for the app that you can place on your screen to keep track of your bank balance so that you don’t have to open the app and log in to check it.

If you have multiple checking accounts you cannot customize the order of the accounts. They are just ordered by when they were created.

In the second app where it gives you card controls it does not say what account the card correlates too. It would be nice to easily tell what account the card is for if you have multiple accounts.

You cannot order a new debit card through the app or online. You have to call in. Seems like this could easily be just a click of a button thing instead of calling customer support.

Ally does not let you categorize or track your spending. This would be a nice addition to the bank. There are other online banks that do offer this and I feel like this could be a deal breaker when choosing between banks.

It would be nice to choose the color or design of the cards currently you can only get the standard purple card. Personally I’m not big on a purple colored card. I understand this is the banks color but I think would prefer a white card with thier purple logo on it. The app is also all purple too. Possible being able to choose the app skin color would be nice too.

In conclusion I think Ally is a great bank to use and these small changes would make it even better.

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