Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Feature Highlights

Samsung recently announced their newest lineup of smartphones. The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+. So first there was some usual improvements like the memory, camera quality, screen quality, and CPU speed. There were also a few big updates.

Now you have a fingerprint scanner underneath the screen of the phone instead of the back of the phone (the 10e has it on the side power button). As for the cameras there are three cameras on the back. A telephoto camera, wide angle camera and ultra wide angle camera. And on the front the 10+ has a selfie camera and a depth camera. The phone also now has the ability to wirelessly charge other devices. It has an inbuilt wireless charger where you can use your phones battery to charge other phones or a smartwatch. As for the screen the top border has been removed and now you have a cutout circle for the camera instead.

So that about summarizes the big physical updates on the phone. At the announcement they also mentioned that there are some software improvements. If I missed something let me know in the comments below!

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