Credit Sesame App Review – Track Your Credit Health And Debt Balance

The Credit Sesame App lets you keep track of your credit health for free. It shows useful information like your credit card balances and gives you tips on how to improve your credit score. My favorite feature of this app is how it shows you a history of your debt balance. Each month it will update your total debt balance and show you how well you are paying it down.

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Privacy App Review – Virtual Cards For Safer Online Shopping

Hey everyone, in this video I review an app called Privacy. This app lets you create virtual cards that you can use when shopping online. Instead of putting in your card information you can create a single use virtual card that way you can protect your card information. You can also create merchant cards that you can use for monthly subscription services. Hope you guys like this video!

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Robinhood. Best Free Stock Trading App!

In the past I’ve tried two stock brokers that charged a fee to do trades. I later discovered the Robinhood App that lets you trade stocks for free. At first I was skeptical but decided to try it out seeing the good ratings and high downloads on the Google Play Store. I put some money into the account and bought and sold some stocks. I saw that this was actually legit. No fees at all. It was pretty cool. In the past I used paid stock brokers and would get charged a five or six dollar fee to trade. Some brokers give you a free trading period when you sign up but Robinhood is always free. It does not expire.

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