Privacy App Review – Virtual Cards For Safer Online Shopping

Hey everyone, in this video I review an app called Privacy. This app lets you create virtual cards that you can use when shopping online. Instead of putting in your card information you can create a single use virtual card that way you can protect your card information. You can also create merchant cards thatContinue reading “Privacy App Review – Virtual Cards For Safer Online Shopping”

Great App For Tracking Your Spending – Mint App Review

If are trying to watch your spending this app may be for you. Mint is a free app that helps keep track of your spending. You can link your band or credit card and it will automatically pull all the transactions and categorize them. In my opinion this is the best app for tracking yourContinue reading “Great App For Tracking Your Spending – Mint App Review”

Robinhood. Best Free Stock Trading App!

In the past I’ve tried two stock brokers that charged a fee to do trades. I later discovered the Robinhood App that lets you trade stocks for free. At first I was skeptical but decided to try it out seeing the good ratings and high downloads on the Google Play Store. I put some moneyContinue reading “Robinhood. Best Free Stock Trading App!”