Samsung’s New Galaxy A80 Has A Slide Out Rotating Camera And An All Screen Display

So phone companies have been trying to get rid of the bezels on the front of the phone and make more room for the screen. There was the top bezel, then notches, and the latest Samsung S10 has a cutout for the camera. However Samsung is about to release a new phone called the A80 that takes an interesting approach to fixing the camera vs screen dilemma.

As far as I am aware this will be Samsung’s first phone to completely remove the camera from the front screen. A top piece of the the phone slides up and the rear cameras flip to the front. This allows for a full screen display with no bezels, notches, or cutouts.


One advantage of this is that they don’t have to make separate cameras for the front and the back. Usually the back camera is better and you have a slightly worse camera on the front. With this you would have the same quality no matter which way you are using the phone.


Of course the concerns with this kind of mechanism is that it is a moving part and could be easier to break or make this phone less water proof. That would be something to worry about. I didn’t see any information about that on the product page.

Other than that you have a huge full 6.7″ screen on the front with no notch bezels or cutouts. This design allows you to have a full screen with nothing in the way. This is a bigger screen than the Galaxy S10+ which has a 6.4″ screen.

I think it’s cool that Samsung is experimenting with different ways to solve the front camera vs screen dilemma. And I’m curious to see where this will all end.

The phone will have an in-screen fingerprint reader, a 3,700 mAh battery, and 3 cameras. The phone is scheduled to be released May 29th. What do you guys think? Are you willing to give this a try?

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