Great App For Tracking Your Spending – Mint App Review

If are trying to watch your spending this app may be for you. Mint is a free app that helps keep track of your spending. You can link your band or credit card and it will automatically pull all the transactions and categorize them. In my opinion this is the best app for tracking your spending.

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This App Lets You Use Your Phone As A Gamepad | AirConsole App Review

AirConsole is a cool app that lets you use your phone as a gamepad. I came across this app and thought it was cool so I wanted it share it on my channel. Hope you guys enjoy the video.

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Robinhood. Best Free Stock Trading App!

In the past I’ve tried two stock brokers that charged a fee to do trades. I later discovered the Robinhood App that lets you trade stocks for free. At first I was skeptical but decided to try it out seeing the good ratings and high downloads on the Google Play Store. I put some money into the account and bought and sold some stocks. I saw that this was actually legit. No fees at all. It was pretty cool. In the past I used paid stock brokers and would get charged a five or six dollar fee to trade. Some brokers give you a free trading period when you sign up but Robinhood is always free. It does not expire.

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Google Home Mini Smart Speaker Review

The Google Home Mini speaker is a wireless speaker that you can control with your voice. It has the Google Assistant built in and you can ask it to turn on music, ask it questions, or even tell it to set a timer. I bought this speaker about a month ago and like it a lot more than the regular bluetooth speaker that I was using before. So far I use it mostly for listening to music but it can do plenty of other things.

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Ring Doorbell 2 Pros And Cons

I been using the Ring Doorbell 2 for over a month now and here are my thoughts on it. I was trying to decide what was better, a standard security system that is wired with a DVR, wireless security cameras or just a video doorbell. All of these have their pros and cons but I found the doorbell to be my favorite. Here are some pros and cons.

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